MANGO KUSH 10% CBD E-LIQUID 10ml BOTTLE - KANAVAPE - Sverige Lager i Malmö
  • MANGO KUSH 10% CBD E-LIQUID 10ml BOTTLE - KANAVAPE - Sverige Lager i Malmö


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Discover KanaVape unique OG Kush e-liquid vaping flavor and let the fresh complex aromas with notes of fuel, skunk and spice like lemon-pine-fuel OG Kush!

Taste: Complex aroma with notes of  fuel, skunk, and spice like lemon-pine-fuel.

Product Features:

1000 mg CBD (10%)


NO Vitamine E


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KanaVape 10ml E-liquid bottle 10% CBD are mixed with plant based PG/VG made in France (at ratio of 70%/30%), infused with natural terpenes.

About KanaVape CBD e-Liquid bottles:

All KanaVape CBD e-liquids are made using a vegetable derived e-liquid base of PG / VG mixed in with broad spectrum CBD derived from hemp distillate and natural terpenes sourced from their favourite cannabis strains.

Due to the delicious natural terpenes used, all flavours are perfectly blended with a lovely herbaceous finish.

Each KanaVape CBD e-liquid flavours available in vape cartridges can also be bought in a 10ml bottle for those who want to refill an existing tank or device CBD e-liquids are 10% CBD.

CBD e-liquid Dosage:

To understand how much you’re vaping per puff, you’ll have to do a little math!

Each of KanaVape 10% CBD terpene e-liquid bottles is 10ml and contains 1000mg of CBD. 

If you are filling the volumes below, the CBD content will be as follows:

1ml = 100mg

2ml =200mg

3ml = 300mg

The CBD content when inhaling will depend entirely on your device and vaping style – we are all different, so you may find yourself inhaling much more heavily than someone else!

What you need to do is work out roughly how many vapes are in your vaping cartridge or tank.

There are roughly 200-300 puffs in our 1ml vape cartridge, depending on the strength of your inhale. The voltage on your vape battery (obviously the lower the voltage, the more puffs you get). 

This gives you roughly 0.5-1mg of CBD per puff.

KanaVape CBD e-liquid vape cartridges are manufactured in compliance with the European Tobacco Directive on Herbal Vaping product nicotine Free to ensure premium high-quality product delivery.

Safety Advice:

This product does not contain nicotine, is only for use and purchases over 18 years old. 

Do not drink this product. It is not traditional CBD oil from a tincture – it is made for vaping.

If you are under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from a medical condition, taking medication or have any known allergies please consult your doctor before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

This is not a food supplement and it is not intended to prevent or cure any diseases.

Do not exceed 70 mg CBD per day.

How to refill you Vape Cartridges?

Below are the instructions for how to fill up your vape cartridges using 5% or 10% CBD e-liquids bottles:

Unscrew the white mouthpiece from the cartridge.

Using a syringe or fine-tipped vial, fill the reservoir up to 1 mm below the top of the glass.

Within a couple of seconds of filling the cartridge, screw the lid back on, although remember not to over tighten!

Turn the cartridge upside down and leave in this position for a couple of hours. This will reduce the risk of leaking.

Do not refill vape cartridges more than three times as this increases the likelihood of leakage.

Please do not use these refills to vape nicotine products.